Sondage : Une liste de diffusion en francais sur les principes FAIR ?
Avr 2 – Avr 13 Jour entier
RDA Virtual Plenary Session: Interest Group on Agricultural Data @ En ligne
Avr 9 @ 15 h 00 min – 16 h 30 min

The session will focus on the discussion of ongoing and future work directions of the IGAD. Some of the topics that might be addressed are: the proposal of a Crops Data Interoperability Working Group; an update on the Agrisemantics Working Group; the planning of the virtual meeting ‘Sharing Experiences and Creating Digital Dialogues’, to which community members can collaborate with presentations; an overview of the Webinar Series on Agriculture; among others.

Interest Group on Agricultural Data (IGAD) Website link: https://www.rd-alliance.org/groups/agriculture-data-interest-group-igad.html 

If you are a member of RDA, you can join the Agricultural Data Interest Group (IGAD) by going to the group page and clicking “Join Group” on the right hand side. If you are not an RDA member, you can join RDA here: https://rd-alliance.org/user/register (it’s free!) 

Webinaire de lancement du GO FAIR Food Systems IN @ En ligne
Mai 7 @ 15 h 00 min – 17 h 00 min

Les signataires du manifeste Food Systems IN se réuniront lors d’un webinaire le jeudi 7 mai, de 15h à 17h CEST. Pendant ce webinaire,  le Food Systems IN sera officiellement lancé et ses membres discuteront des actions à engager.

Si vous souhaitez participer à cette réunion, merci de remplir le questionnaire https://doodle.com/poll/5x8tqf7f88d3ryy6. Si vous avez des questions ou si vous souhaitez accéder au plan d’action, contactez-nous.

Meeting en ligne RDA IGAD, autour de la semantique @ En ligne
Mai 26 @ 16 h 00 min – 17 h 30 min
Time Title
16:00-16:20CEST Building global infrastructure for interoperability across the agriculture industry: AgGateway and its Agrisemantics Working Group

Andres Ferreyra, Syngenta Crop Protection LLC

United States

Abstract: AgGateway is a global nonprofit industry association with a membership of approximately 200 companies. The purpose of AgGateway is to enable digital agriculture by promoting the implementation of data exchange standards, both in supply chain and field operations domains. Examples of supply-chain standards include the Ag eStandards (for communication among manufacturers, distributors and retailers) and AgXML (for grain contracts, transport, settlements, weights and grades). Examples of standards implemented in the field operations space include ISO 11783 and ISO 19156.

16:20-16:40CEST Adopting FAIR data principles for long-term agricultural experiments data

Richard Ostler, Rothamsted University

United Kingdom

Abstract: This presentation will focus on our approach to FAIRifying and publishing this data and the data management and cultural challenges this has raised. The presentation will conclude with future capacity development training in collaboration with the GLTEN and the University of Sokoine, Tanzania, to improve data management skills and access to data across the global long-term agricultural experiments community.

16:40-17:00CEST AgroPortal: a vocabulary and ontology repository for agronomy

Clement Jonquet, LIRMM, University of Montpellier


Abstract: The AgroPortal project, is a community effort started by the Montpellier scientific community (LIRMM, IRD, CIRAD, INRAE, Bioversity International) to build an ontology repository for agronomy and related domains. Our goal is to facilitate the adoption of metadata and semantics to facilitate open science and the production of FAIR data]. By enabling straightforward use of ontologies, we expect data managers and researchers to focus on their tasks, without requiring them to deal with the complex engineering work needed for ontology management.

17:00-17:20CEST AGROVOC: Multischeme, multihierarchy and thesaurus management

Kristin Kolshus, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)


Abstract: AGROVOC is edited through the web-based platform VocBench 3, an advanced collaboration environment for maintaining thesauri, ontologies, code lists and authority resources, providing features such as history, validation, a publication workflow, and multi-user management with role-based access control. Specialized concept schemes are now possible within AGROVOC. VocBench 3 supports the use of hierarchical relation properties that are specific to a scheme.

17:20-17:30CEST Questions

S’inscrire:  https://fao.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJElceusrj4pGtR430zk9vm23vwM2nfQD1LM

Réunion du Food Systems IN @ En ligne
Juin 10 @ 15 h 00 min – 17 h 00 min

Mise en œuvre du plan d’action sur proposition des participants :

  • Action Collecte des Cas d’usage de FAIRification : proposition par la team FooSIN et planification du chantier
  • FAIR Convergence Meeting en octobre à Paris : une session Food Systems ?
  • Autres actions à démarrer : discussions